Sheikh Zayed Tunnel

Sheikh Zayed Tunnel

United Arab Emirates

Location: Abu Dhabi

Length: 4.2 km

Encardio-rite is proud to be associated with the Sheikh Zayed 3.6 km long tunnel project that transformed Abu Dhabi. This project prepared the city for the new developments on the Al-Reem Island and Al-Sowwah Island.

Encardio-rite’s scope of work included:

  • Pre-construction and post-construction building condition survey.
  • Supply of geotechnical and geodetic instruments.
  • Installation of geotechnical instruments including the drilling and grouting works for subsurface instruments and survey targets.
  • Monitoring of installed instruments as per required frequencies.
  • Optical Surveying-precise leveling & 3D deformation monitoring.
  • Processing of data with daily, weekly and monthly reports along with review and comparison of collected data, evaluation & interpretation of data.
  • Calibration of data loggers and sensors.

The instruments used included borehole extensometers with packer anchors, inclinometers, magnetic extensometers, strain gages, load cells for struts/anchors, piezometers, portable tilt meters, fixed tilt meters, building/surface settlement points and optical targets.

An experienced and proficient instrumentation and monitoring team of Encardio-rite Geosystems WLL, UAE provided services for approximately 3 years. Monitoring reports including interpretations of variations observed in the data, mentioning factors likely to affect their behavior e.g. construction, dewatering, third party activities etc. were provided to the contractor on a regular basis.