Model EDI-53

Portable Readout Unit-Data Logger In Five Variants



Readout Units

The EDI-53 readout unit comes in five variants as described below. The unit displays the measured parameter directly in applicable engineering units. It has memory to store 3600 readings with the date and time from up to 250 sensors. The housing and accessories supplied are similar to EDI51V.

Model EDI-53L
EDI-53L is used for resistive strain gage sensors including load cells.

Model EDI-53ELV
EDI-53ELV is used to read an electro level tilt meter and stores data in volts (value in engineering units can be calculated in a Microsoft Excel sheet using the coefficient of polynomials given in the test certificate of a tilt meter).

Model EDI-53P
Model EDI-53P is used to read potentiometric displacement transducers with 0-2 V full-scale voltage output.

Model EDI-53I
EDI-53I is designed to read transducers with 4-20 mA direct current output.

Model EDI-53UTM
EDI-53UTM is designed to be used with uniaxial tilt meters. However, with an external switch it can also be used with biaxial tilt sensors.

Input Resistance strain gage bridge load cell with 0 … 3 mV/V output
Excitation voltage 5 V DC
Preamplifier gain 100
Input EL tiltmeter (Voltage output)
Excitation voltage 12 V DC (standard)
Input 0-2 V DC
Excitation voltage 5 V DC
Input 4-20 mA DC current
Input resistance 50 Ohm
Input ± 2 V, ± 4 V, or ± 8 V (factory configured)
Excitation voltage ± 12 V DC
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