Pench Diversion Irrigation Project

Pench Diversion Irrigation Project


Location: Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, India

Client: Water Resources Department, Madhya Pradesh

Contractors: SEW Infrastructure Ltd.

Consultant: Central Water Commission (CWC)

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The Pench dam project consists of a 41 m high, 5,979 m long earthen dam with 350 m long concrete dam (including a 173 m long spillway) with a height of 26 m. The spillway has 8 radial crest gates 18.29 m X 12.19 m in size.

This project is proposed to provide irrigation in the Chhindwara & Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. The project will also supply water to the proposed 2 X 250 MW Pench Thermal Power Project under MPSEB. The project will also provide domestic water supplies.

Encardio-rite was awarded the contract for supply and installation of geotechnical instrumentation as well as automatic data logging of critical parameters and areas with a web base data management system (WDMS). The WDMS processed the monitored data, presented the processed data in a tabular and the most suitable graphical forms for easy interpretation of the logged data to the contractor, client as well as the consultant on their desktops.

Instruments used included a piezometer, automatic water level recorder, uplift pore pressure meter, strain gage, pressure cell, borehole extensometer, joint meter, temperature meter, plumb lines, survey targets, automatic data acquisition system and seismographs.