Pennsylvania, USA

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Client: Fugro USA Land Inc
Owner: Maryland Transit Authority
Year: 2020

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malcolm x bridge project

In preparation for the first section of track to be installed for Maryland’s $5.6 billion Purple Line project, Rite Geosystem biaxial tiltmeters were used as a part of the monitoring of transport properties.

With the Purple Line transit system navigating through and around densely developed suburbs and communities in its path to providing mass transportation, the Maryland Transit Authority developed an existing structure protection plan for any properties determined to be within the zone of potential influence from adjacent construction. As one of the main overpass bridges in the project axis, Malcolm X bridge was monitored during pile foundation construction.

Rite Geosystems Inc., our USA Company was entrusted to provide instrumentation and monitoring for risk assessment during construction.
Scope of works include:
1. Supply of geotechnical instruments
2. Automatic monitoring with compact dataloggers
3. Online web-based data management system (WDMS) with pre-set alarms