East Midtown, USA

Location: East Midtown, USA
Contractor: Wang Tech
Duration: 2020-Ongoing

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east midtown greenway project

The East Midtown Greenway Project will fill a major gap in the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway along the East River while providing much-desired waterfront access and public open space resources. The E 53rd to E 61st St phase of the project entails the construction of the northern section of the esplanade that connects to Andrew Haswell Green Park at 62nd Street and will include a pedestrian bridge to East 54th Street.

The pier structure will be founded on piles drilled into the bedrock in the East River. All piles will be rock-socketed into bedrock and filled with rebar cages and concrete/grout. On the topside, a bike path will be constructed on top of the tub girders. The tub girders will allow for soil installation to support the various landscaping and tree system. A walkway path will run adjacent to the bike path and will feature various seating and railing options for pedestrians to enjoy the space. The esplanade will also include various light fixtures, irrigation systems, and watering stations (hose and public water fountains).

At E 54th Street, there will be a steel and concrete pedestrian bridge erected. This bridge will span from Sutton Place Park, over the FDR, and onto a pile-supported structure at the esplanade.

Rite Geosystems Inc., our USA Company was entrusted to provide complete instrumentation for the project.
Scope of works include:
1. Supply of geotechnical instruments
2. Automatic monitoring with data loggers